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Brooklyn-based macaroon purveyor Dan Cohen of Danny Macaroons uses Paper to create quick, personalized replies to customers.

About our app, Dan says…

“I use Paper all the time to send customer emails. I’ll just draw in [the app] and email the drawing instead of typing an email! Not ashamed to admit: totally inspired by Alton Brown who - at least, he used to do this - responds to all of his messages on twitter with photos of handwritten notes… It’s so easy to lose touch in digital, despite the volume of communications. I think Alton does well to maintain the completely human element and I hope my customers find a similar connection through the drawings - which, especially in the Harlem shake one, are totally made possible by Paper.”

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Robicelli's: Flavors: Friday, February 1st


It’s a brand new month, which means…….IT’S FANY FEBRUARY!


Maybe you don’t know what Fany February is- particularly since I made it up. But it’s super awesome! Promise!

Many of you here in NYC know Fany Gerson as the owner of La Newyorkina, maker of the best paletas (aka Mexican ice pops) on…

special dulce de leche macaroons coming next week!

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do it. with your sugar dick.


Grace: Ok, so this is a darker color, so this must be chocolate. (Takes a bite) Fuck! Me! With.. a sugar dick.

DailyGrace reviews Danny Macaroons! I detest coconut, but after seeing this review, I’m considering buying myself a box of that shit.

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An Actual Conversation with a 3-Year-Old About Stir-Fry


Submitted by Morgan

3-Year-Old:  (eyeing Morgan’s stir-fry)  Can I eat some of your cheese?

Morgan:  That’s not cheese, it’s tofu.  Want a bite?

3-Year-Old:  No thanks, I don’t like toad food.

Toad eats baby bird

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what’s better than milkmade? nothing.


flavor of the day: Coconut Chocolate Macaroon
coconut ice cream with chunks of chocolate macaroons

You know who makes the best macaroons in New York, and perhaps the world? Danny. Of Danny’s Macaroons.  Get your hands on some as fast as you can at these locations or Saturdays at Smorgasburg.  Seriously, get a load of these guys.

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The Doughnut Vault: Doughnut Vault Goes to the Movies

looking forward to meeting these guys!


It’s official— we’ll be making our film debut this weekend at the Chicago Food Film Festival. We’re part of “Edible Adventure #004” at the festival, which takes place on Saturday, November 19, at noon. The “adventure” includes several short films, including our personal favorite (okay, we’re just…

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love this.


Street Food: Smorgasburg (Video Edition)!

A fall afternoon at the Smorgasburg in Williamsburg;Including appearances by Brooklyn Cured, Mighty Quinn’s, Spicy’n Sweet, and Danny Macaroons. 

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Spiced pumpkin for Sons of Essex (cc @tweetmattlevine) (Taken with picplz.)

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Robicelli's: Flavors: Friday, June 23rd


Well it’s official………all you jerks on Twitter who have been complaining about getting sick during the summer have given me your sinus mumbo jumbo, and I want to die. GYYYAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!

Fortunately, I didn’t have to bake tonight- Matt and the apprentices covered it perfectly. So I did the only…

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Fathers day macaroons featuring the greatest (fore) father ever. (Taken with picplz.)